The most perfect stationery collection ever?!


You probably know by this point that I’m a bit obsessed with birds. All birds. I buy bird books for holiday destinations so I can cross off which ones I see. My hen do came complete with toucan bunting. I was proud – through the pain – that a golden eagle once chose to land on my neck. And whilst I will no doubt never be allowed my own Hyacinth, I have a crow who visits me most days despite the fact it makes my husband furious. I “mustn’t encourage it”, apparently.

But of course parrots are a different joy entirely. EVERYBODY loves parrots. (I will set aside my feelings that it’s bird racist to like parrots but dislike pigeons). And over the last few days a few kind readers have brought something to my attention…the entirely perfect Let’s Squawk Collection from Paperchase.

1Scrapbook Set – £16.50 here.

Everyone who has tagged me in Insta pics or sent me links has sent me over to ASOS, who currently stock 15 glorious pieces from the collection. But this morning I headed over to the Paperchase website to see if the collection was actually wider and guess what? IT IS.


I can’t really describe how much I need ALL OF IT. Especially as it’s not just a couple of scarlet macaws slapped on stuff. They have toucans! And cockatoos! And ringnecks! AND I NEED IT ALL!

I’ve listed some of my fave pieces below, but I highly recommend you head over to Paperchase to buy the lot, or at least chuck a couple of notebooks in with your next ASOS order.

Is it too early to ask for this entire collection for Christmas?!



1. Sticker Set – £1


These will be going on everything I own. My laptop will become a menagerie.

Buy here.

2. Sticky Notes Book – £5


If I’d had these at uni I’d have had better grades.

Buy here.

3. Leather Exercise Book – £14


The most perfect of palm prints.

Buy here.

4. Stationery Set – £55

I never thought the day would come where I could be the proud owner of a toucan bulldog clip.

Buy here.

5. Desk Pad – £5


JUST THINK HOW MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE YOU’LL BE. (Extra points for being able to tick off water consumption).

Buy here.

6. Pens (set of two) – £2.50


I do have a pen yes, but obviously you can’t borrow it.

Buy here.

7. Document Wallets (set of two) – £5 


And just like that, collecting receipts for expenses becomes a joy.

Buy here.

8. Mug – £8


I don’t need to explain why this is a worthy purchase.

Buy here.

9. Slim Exercise Books (set of three) – £6


New ideas ALWAYS need new exercise books. Like kettle chips and lie-ins, you can never have enough.

Buy here.

10. Bucket File – £12


Storage just became exciting.

Buy here.

11. Leather Pencil Case – £812

I might use this as a purse tbh.

Buy here.

12. Writing Set – £10


Better than receiving a whatsapp.

Buy here.

13. Backpack – £25


Imagine wearing this AND having your pet parrot on your shoulder.

Buy here.

14. Garland – £7 


I thought I saw the last of toucan bunting on my hen do, apparently not.

Buy here.

15. Umbrella – £15



Buy here.

16. Multi List Book – £10


You can’t put a price on picture perfect organisation. No wait, you can. And it’s just ten pounds.

Buy here.

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