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February 23, 2013

Military IRP Relocations

Moving across the country is part of the military families life style and although an expected part of the job, still is very stressful on families, especially those with children. Some families are even transferred overseas for periods of time.

One thing about moving across the country is maintaining contact with old and new friend you have made in your old location. This can be made simple by creating some business cards listing all your contact information. They can be used by everyone and can be home made of simple ordered online for a few dollars.

The realities of military life is that it’s personnel are often rebased on a regular basis. This can be a stressful experience for military members and their families. Contacting the right realtor can make all of the difference in the world, bringing you local knowledge and the experience necessary to make your House Hunting Trip an easy one. The Professional’s at are committed as approved suppliers to the DND and RCMP IRP relocation program (Brookfield Global Relocation Services ) to providing transferring members with great service.

We are all “pack rats” to some degree and moving is a great opportunity to unload some of those items that are no longer of use or being used. Organize a yard sale or donate unused articles to a second hand store. Call your Realtor and they will drop off “garage sale” signs for your sale. The Salvation Army, Bibles for Missions, Value Village and St Vincent de Pauls are willing to accept all donations.

If you have any un-used building supplies such as lumber, trim, vinyl siding, windows and doors donate them to Habitat for Humanity located in most Canadian cities. Shred all documents, bills, invoices, bank statements, you no longer need. Don’t just throw them in the garbage or recycle, you never know nowadays who is going through your “private” information.

The listed DND-IRP Professionals will contact you by either email or phone. You will be provided with a Relocation Package by courier listing all the important details of your new city or area. Our Realtors will assist you with Car Rentals and Hotel selection to suit your needs. These professionals will devote their time to you exclusively when you are on your House Hunting Trip. With years of Military Relocation experience they realize the stress and time limitations that you are under and will endeavor to find you your dream home in the shortest possible time. All personnel are approved suppliers to the DND & RCMP IRP Program. Our personnel will make you feel at home as soon as you arrive.

Learn more about Military Relocation Barrie. Stop by’s site. Find out all about Military Relocation North Bay and what they can do for you.

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